Come spring, jelly beans, chocolate eggs and Peeps invade our homes like clockwork each year. While a (small) handful of sweet treats isn’t going to derail your healthy habits, a whole basket full just might.

This year, avoid temptation altogether by stocking your baskets full of fitness goodies. Whether it’s a gift for someone else or a reward for yourself, new fitness gear can motivate all of us to continue working toward our goals.

Here are 7 fitness gifts that would fit perfectly inside an Easter basket:

Headbands & hair ties
There’s nothing worse than getting to the gym and not having a hair tie. Help the ladies in your life stock their gym bags.

A good pair of moisture-wicking socks is essential, especially during the warmer months ahead.

Protein & energy bars
Protein and energy bars make easy grab and go pre-workout snacks.

It never hurts to have an extra pair of headphones in your gym bag.

Water bottle
Keeping hydrated is important. Carry your own water with you wherever you go.

iTunes gift cards
Music motivates many of us through our workouts. Purchase an iTunes card to help a friend build their workout playlist.

Sports drink
Refuel after a hard workout with a refreshing sports drink.


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