5 Ways to Build Healthy Summer Habits

Flipping the calendar over to May last week meant two things: spring is finally underway and summer is right around the corner. This year, don’t stress about swimsuit season as you’re sweating on the beach, build healthy habits now. Be honest – we all know it’s harder to start making healthy decisions when funnel cakes and barbecue chicken call our names.

By getting started today (yes, today), you can create a foundation of smart food choices and form an exercise routine that will carry you seamlessly through the summer months (and beyond). Remember being healthy most of the time makes the occasional ice cream cone all the more refreshing.

Enlist a Friend
The people you surround yourself with can make or break your success. Tell your friends and family about your goals and invite them to get healthier with you. Instead of watching movies and ordering take-out, cook meals and be active together. Make sure to tell them about our Summer Beach Pass which will allow both of you to be beach ready by July 4!

Eat More
Fruits and veggies that is! Delicious spring and summer produce is starting to come into season and now is the best time to start shopping your local farmers market. Naturally low in calories and high in fiber, adding fruits and veggies to meals will keep you full and satisfied.

Create Routine
Gone are the days of hopping aimlessly from machine to machine at the gym. It’s time to get focused and get the results you’re looking for. Start with specific long- and short-term goals in mind and set a plan to achieve them. If you need help getting started or along the way, try one of our personal training or small group training options.

Drink More Water
This tip really needs little explanation, but here it is. Swap high-sugar, high-calorie sodas, juices and energy drinks for good old water. You’ll not only cut calories, you’ll be more alert, improve your skin tone and feel better overall.

Keep a Diary
Writing down what you eat each day and how you felt when you ate it, can offer many insights about your eating habits. Do you snack when you’re bored? Do you overeat when dining out with friends? Knowledge is power; discover what triggers your unhealthy habits and eliminate them. 

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