As humans, we are pretty much programmed to be creatures of habit. We find comfort in eating the same foods and doing the same exercises day-in and day-out. However, from time-to-time, most of us get bored with routine.

Additionally, when it comes to working out, boredom can negatively affect motivation. If monotony is getting the best of you, keep on track with these five ways to break a fitness rut.

Up the Intensity
Running at the same pace or pumping out the same number of reps is only going to keep you entertained for so long. Try increasing the intensity of your exercise sessions by adding interval training.

Create a Playlist
Find music that motivates you to get moving and reserve it for a workout-only playlist. Keeping your exercise music separate cues your brain to know it’s time to break a sweat. Plus you don’t get sick of the songs as quickly as normal.

Recruit a Workout Buddy
Curing a case of exercise boredom can be as simple as adding a new face to the mix. Having someone to sweat with can have many positive results such as making the time fly by and result in fewer skipped workouts.

Try Something New
Adding a new type of exercise not only increases your motivation, it challenges your muscle to work in different ways. Start easy by simply working through your current routine backward or by signing up for our Virtual Training program. Each week we’ll send you new workouts to try. 

Enlist a Personal Trainer
Working with a fitness professional helps to ensure you are getting the most out of your workouts. Plus it combines two of our other tips – workout with a buddy and trying something new. To schedule a consultation with one our trainers, click here.


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