Work out with a friend

We get it. Some days are harder than others to get out and get moving. Coincidentally, (or maybe not) it seems those days have a direct correlation with how sunny it is outside. And summer… maybe we shouldn’t even talk about summer, but it’s here and it’s time to renew your commitment to your fitness routine.

Push through all of the “I-want-to-skip-the-gym” feelings and remember even a little bit of effort goes a long way. Small changes do make a difference. With a few minor adjustments to your current routine, you can be sure to keep up with your workouts without having to skip all the outdoor fun this season brings.

Pack your bags
Keep your gym bag stocked with all of your exercise essentials and you’ll be ready to work out whenever time allows. Make sure your bag is easily accessible by storing it in a convenient place such as your car or by the front door. 

Try the buddy system
We already know working out with a friend is beneficial, but it’s worth repeating. Scheduling time to exercise with a friend can also serve as a time to socialize. Ensure you don’t skimp on your workout by planning to grab a healthy meal or drink afterwards and to catch up. 

Rise and Sweat
Being a morning person can be tough, but if you’re worried about fitting in gym time later in the day, sweating first thing may be your best bet. Never worry about turning down an impromptu trip to the beach or happy hour invitation to hit the gym again. 


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