If you’ve missed a workout or two lately, chances are time, or really the lack of it, had something to do with it. Many of us view going to the gym as an all or nothing process; either you have an hour to devote to it or you don’t. Let’s back up a minute though.

3 Ways to Spend Less Time at the Gym

Maybe it’s not that you don’t have enough time, maybe it’s that you need to use your time more efficiently. If you follow one or more of the tips listed below, you’ll be able to shave time off your next trip to the gym.

Make a Plan
Don’t waste precious minutes figuring out your workout when you get to the gym – make a plan ahead of time! Knowing exactly what you’ll be doing will make your workout go smoothly and save you time.

Beat the Crowd
Every gym has its crowded times and its down times. If you can, schedule your workouts when the gym is less crowded. Not only will you get in and out of the locker room faster, you’ll be less likely to have to wait for a machine.

Start Interval Training
Exercise more efficiently by incorporating interval training into your workout routine. You’ll burn more calories in less time. What’s not to love? Learn more about interval training basics by reading this post


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