Sunny fall days accompanied by crisp air and crunchy leaves make for the perfect time to start training for that 5K you’ve always said you’d run. Signing up for a race can be a big commitment, but it’s worth its weight in satisfaction and feelings of accomplishment.

But before you lace up those running shoes, take a second or two to properly prepare yourself for the fun ahead. Yes, fun. Sure every run isn’t going to be the stuff dreams are made of, but it’s those tough ones that will leave you in fighting shape come race day. Training for a race isn’t one size fits all, but here are a few of our favorite tips for prepping for a 5K.

Set a realistic goal
Goals are important motivational tools when it comes to fitness and setting a goal for a 5K is no different. While there is nothing wrong with just wanting to finish the race, setting a time goal takes the experience to a new level. Your goal could also be performance-based such as only walk two times.

Come up with a plan
As they say, fail to plan – plan to fail. Realistically, most people can’t expect to run every now and then and successfully finish a race with no problems. When it comes to running and training, consistency is key. Find a training program online or create one of your own and write it down on your calendar. Cross those runs off your calendar like any other appointment and you’ll be prepared to cross the start (and finish) line.

Get proper running shoes
We can’t stress enough how important a good pair of shoes is when you are running regularly. They will cushion your knees, help prevent injury and overall make running a better experience. Try visiting a local running store and speaking with an expert who can assess how you’re running and what potential issues you may have.

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