Soaring temperatures and intense sunshine make the thought of sweating outside about as appealing as frying like an egg on a blacktop driveway in the middle of July. However, due to that same sunshine and heat, we are probably spending more time outdoors with friends this season.

What you may not realize is that extra outdoor activities such as swimming, softball games or riding bikes are additional opportunities for fitness that extend beyond your regular workout schedule. Burn more calories and keep a social life – what could be better?

In honor of these extra fitness activities, we’ve gathered some tips on how to stay cool and safe while working it out in the sun.

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate
I’m sure you’ve heard the advice before, but staying hydrated really is important! The key here is to not wait until you feel thirsty to start drinking water, as thirst is a signal for the early stages of dehydration. Instead start, drinking water (low calorie, low sugar beverages are best) as soon as you know you’ll be spending time in the sun.

Be colorful
Put that black shirt back in the closet; choosing light-colored clothing instead helps reflect the sun’s rays, not absorb them. Stay even cooler (temperature-wise at least) by wearing loose-fitting clothing. Depending on the activity, moisture-wicking workout gear may be appropriate, too. 

Listen to your body
Most importantly, make sure to listen to your body – it’s smart! – while doing any sort of activity (indoor or outdoor). If you start to feel dizzy, faint or nauseous, stop what you are doing right away. Find a place to cool off and rest. If symptoms persist, you may want to seek medical attention.

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