If you’ve ever broken a sweat running around the house looking for your gym shoes and water bottle, you’d know preparing to go to the gym can seem like a workout in itself. And don’t even think about sitting on the couch afterward – chances are you won’t get up and get out the door.

When it comes to time spent at the gym, showing up is at least half the battle, maybe more for some. With this in mind, why not tackle a few simple tasks that will make getting to the gym easier? No more wondering where you left your iPod!

All three of the following tips are helpful in planning for your gym sessions, but even implementing one or two can make a difference.

Keep a Calendar
Most people keep a calendar or schedule full of important work, school and personal appointments. Taking a good look at your calendar is the best way to figure out exactly when you have time (or can make time) to go to the gym. Add in your workouts as you would any other obligation.

Make a List
Remembering everything you need for the gym off the top of your head, especially if you get ready there, is a difficult task. The solution? Write it down! Set aside 10-15 minutes and carefully go through what you’ll need and a make a list. Use the list to pack your bag every time. You may even commit some of it to memory!

Plan your Workout
It’s easier to ditch your exercise plans when they’re general (I’ll go to the gym today) than when they’re more specific (I’ll run 20 minutes and do 3 30sec planks). Deciding what you’ll do each day will save you time, hold you accountable and help ensure you’re doing a variety of workouts. Try writing your plans down on your calendar! 


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