Who doesn’t love fall? Crunchy leaves, crisp air and pumpkin-flavored everything for days. It also happens to be one of the best times of the year to create new habits and set new goals. Here’s why:

The Return of Routine
Warmer temperatures and late evening sunsets make for a less structured schedule during the summer months. Of course you’d rather sip a glass of wine on the patio than hit the gym for your regularly planned sweat session. Many of these temptations disappear with the evening sunlight making fall the perfect time to start a new routine.

Embrace the Cooler Temps
While hitting the gym is one of the most important things you can do for your health, being active outside the gym is equally important. Since most of us spend our days sitting in front of a computer, we need to take special care to get up and move more during the day. Milder weather makes adding a walk outside during your lunch break or hiking on the weekend a bit more enjoyable.

The Holidays are Coming
As soon as the leaves start hitting the ground, you can be sure the holidays aren’t far behind. Soon our plates will be graced with turkey and all the fixings. And cookies. And pie… you get the idea. Practicing healthy habits in the months preceding such celebrations makes it more likely you’ll carry those habits throughout the holiday season and beyond.


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