Pounds lost, muscle gained. Miles ran, weight lifted. When it comes to setting health and fitness goals, failing to plan is simply planning to fail. Who hasn’t made well-intentioned resolutions to eat better or workout more only to find you have no idea what path to take to get there?

Stick to a fitness routine

Let us help you find some direction. Grab a pen, your calendar and prepare to plan your way to a healthier you. Follow the three steps below and start achieving those goals!

1. Get Specific
Divide larger goals into smaller, more specific tasks and set up milestones to reach along the way. The shorter increments of time allow you to stay motivated and to focus on your progress, not how far you have to go.

2. Write it Down
Make a schedule and write it down on an actual calendar, being detailed about what each workout will entail. Seeing time set aside for exercise gives it the same importance as all other appointments. The best part? Crossing off each workout as you complete it.

3. Reward Yourself
Eyeing a new water bottle or workout shirt? Reward yourself with a treat for completing one of your goals. Bonus points if your reward is something healthy and motivates you to keep up the hard work.


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