It’s here. Thanksgiving. That time of the year when we all gather around the table, say what we’re thankful for and eat until our belt buckles need to be loosened up. While all this eating can be fun, it can also derail the hard work you put in at the gym and in the kitchen the other 364 days a year.

To prevent unwanted pounds without having to skip your favorite holiday foods, we’ve gathered a list of 10 tips to keep you feeling healthy right through to Black Friday. P.S. – Extreme Christmas shopping does count as cardio.

  1. Eat a small snack before heading to Thanksgiving dinner. You’ll be more likely to overeat if you are hungry from not eating during the day.
  1. Fill your plate with vegetable sides like green beans or sweet potatoes.
  1. Make a game plan before you go. Know what foods you’ll splurge on and what you’ll avoid.
  1. Cut back on liquid calories by drinking water or alternating alcoholic beverages with a glass of water.
  1. Go for a walk post-meal to signal you’re done eating and to start burning calories right away.
  1. Enjoy reasonable portions of foods you only get to eat once a year. Skip those that are available all-year-round.
  1. Resist going back for seconds. Save the extra calories for dessert if you plan to indulge.
  1. Eat slowly and savor each bite of your food.
  1. Plan a pre-dinner work out during the day. Get a group of friends or family together and run/walk a Turkey Trot in your area.
  1. Offer to bring a healthy dish to dinner and you’ll have at least one thing you’ll be more comfortable filling up on.


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