Enjoy The Fall Weather With Outdoor Workouts

You know we love the gym. It’s practically our life. But as the weather finally starts to cool down, it’s nice to have a change of scenery and bring our workouts outside. Here are a few ways to switch it up and enjoy the great outdoors during the gorgeous autumn months!

Healthy Rewards for Achieving your Goals

We talk a lot about setting goals and working on ways to achieve them, but we don’t always talk about how to reward ourselves for reaching those goals. Losing weight, gaining strength or training for an event should be celebrated in healthy ways that won’t derail the work you’ve already done.

Simplify your Fitness Routine

With all the gadgets and high-tech clothes, working out can seem much more complicated than it really needs to be. When it really comes down to it, exercise should make you feel strong and healthy, not stressed. If you’re starting to feel like getting to the gym is harder than starring in a Broadway production, maybe it’s time to simplify a bit.

Keep Cool & Fit Outdoors

Soaring temperatures and intense sunshine make the thought of sweating outside about as appealing as frying like an egg on a blacktop driveway in the middle of July. However, due to that same sunshine and heat, we are probably spending more time outdoors with friends this season.

Update your Fitness Routine for Summer

We get it. Some days are harder than others to get out and get moving. Coincidentally, (or maybe not) it seems those days have a direct correlation with how sunny it is outside. And summer… maybe we shouldn’t even talk about summer, but it’s here and it’s time to renew your commitment to your fitness routine.

How to Stay Active on Vacation

For most of us, taking a vacation means taking time to relax, recharge and saying goodbye to a plethora of day-to-day activities and obligations – including time spent at the gym. While a rest day or two can be nice here and there, if you choose, it’s easy to stay active while away from home. Here are three ways:

Build your Fitness Support System

Creating a new fitness goal often stems from some sort of individual motivation. However, whether you want to lose weight or to be able to run a faster mile, chances are you’re going to need at least a little help along the way.

3 Ways to Make Time for Exercise

Let’s be realistic – following a fitness routine can be tough. Some days are good, others are not so great, but in the end it’s all part of the process. Although you can face many different obstacles along the way, one of the biggest barriers to committing to a fitness routine is time – or rather, the lack of it. While we don’t have the ability to add an extra hour to the day, we can help you maximize the time you do have.

Happy National Barbecue Month

Even though the month of May is quickly coming to a close, we wanted to take a minute to acknowledge National Barbecue Month. That’s right, a whole month dedicated to grilling and outdoor parties with friends. And what better month to celebrate than the one that kicks off a whole summer season of outdoor BBQ fun?

Quick Tips for Warming Up Before a Workout

There’s nothing better than finding a short, efficient workout that fits perfectly into your busy schedule. This does not mean, however, skipping out on warming up properly before exercise. A good warm-up should mimic the activity you’re getting ready to do, but you should perform movements at a lower intensity level.