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1. List the opener responsibilities prior to opening the club.

2. What should you do if the club is not in proper order when you arrive to open it?

3. What must you always do when you leave the front desk?

4. Where do you find daily cleaning tasks?

5. What must you do every time a member enters or leaves the gym?

6. How often do the locker rooms need to be checked?

7. What is the proper phone greeting?

8. Who handles sales, cancels, and membership inquiries?

9. Prior to mopping, what should you put out?

10. What are the hours of operation Monday-Friday and Saturday/Sunday?

11. What is the address and phone number to the club you work at?

12. When someone comes into the club to inquire about a membership, what is the first thing you should do?

13. What are your responsibilities of marketing the club?

14. What should you do if a member has an alert upon scanning in. ie balance, expired contract, etc.?

15. List the responsibilities of the day shift member experience rep.

16. List the responsibilities of the closing shift member experience rep.

17. What are the 3 Cā€™s that should be stressed daily to ensure an exceptional member experience?

18. What Clubs are basic members allowed to workout at?

19. What Clubs are Premium members allowed to workout at and where can they bring their free guest?

20. Where should contractors and servicemen sign in?


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