Run Today, Benefit Tomorrow

You can certainly learn a lot about a person by the décor (aka bumper stickers) they put on their car – anything from I love my dog to political views to I run marathons. I’m usually pretty in awe of those 26.2 stickers, mostly because I can’t imagine running 26.2 miles. However, sometimes those stickers make me wonder if I actually could.

Limitations shouldn’t stand in the way of reaching your fitness goals.

I am surrounded by fitness every day, and I am consistently amazed at how something that has such a positive impact on our lives has individuals finding every way possible to get out of doing it. As a club manager, I come across obstacles, or to some people – excuses, as to why an individual doesn’t want to work out or why he or she hasn’t been in the gym for awhile. It’s on that special day where I will also meet someone contrary to this. I have been lucky enough to meet a member who never lets limitations stand in the way of reaching his fitness goals.  Read More…

Indianapolis-area Cardinal Fitness Closings are Unrelated to Chicagoland-based Charter Fitness

A report in the November 2, 2011 on-line edition of the Indianapolis Business Journal wrongly connected Chicagoland-based Charter Fitness with the closings of six Indianapolis-area Cardinal Fitness locations.
The article, written by healthcare reporter, J.K. Wall, appeared in the on-line edition of the Indianapolis Business Journal and was also distributed via emails.  Mr. Wall, when contacted by Charter Fitness, admitted that they had made “an editor’s error.”

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