Healthy Rewards for Achieving your Goals

We talk a lot about setting goals and working on ways to achieve them, but we don’t always talk about how to reward ourselves for reaching those goals. Losing weight, gaining strength or training for an event should be celebrated in healthy ways that won’t derail the work you’ve already done.

Simplify your Fitness Routine

With all the gadgets and high-tech clothes, working out can seem much more complicated than it really needs to be. When it really comes down to it, exercise should make you feel strong and healthy, not stressed. If you’re starting to feel like getting to the gym is harder than starring in a Broadway production, maybe it’s time to simplify a bit.

Keep Cool & Fit Outdoors

Soaring temperatures and intense sunshine make the thought of sweating outside about as appealing as frying like an egg on a blacktop driveway in the middle of July. However, due to that same sunshine and heat, we are probably spending more time outdoors with friends this season.