Ten Motivational Fitness Quotes

Let’s face it: even the most dedicated exercisers need a little motivation boost every now and then. As the seasons change and the temperatures cool down, it may to start to seem like staying in bed or curling up on your couch are better options than hitting the gym.

Ways to Increase your Workout Motivation

Lately it seems like winter just won’t go away. If your week was anything like ours in Chicago, we experienced 50 degree temps on Monday (a real heat wave) and a snowstorm on Wednesday. All this snow and cold is not only taxing on our commutes, but it can be taxing on our workout motivation as well. 

3 Ways to Get Yourself to the Gym

Halloween candy binges, brightly-colored leaves and daylight savings time pretty much sum up the first few weeks of November. While it’s perfectly healthy to admire the leaves, all that candy and early evening darkness isn’t so great for our fitness routines.