How to Make a Satisfying Salad

Salads tend to get a bad wrap. Maybe it’s because many people associate them with failed diets that left them hungry approximately 5.2 seconds after they were finished eating. Or maybe it’s because they just haven’t quite figured out how to make a salad enjoyable and satisfying. True, salads are often a way to begin a meal, but with the following tips you’ll be able to make one into a meal itself.

What’s Really Hiding in your Salad?

healthy salad

It seems like healthy eating and salads have been synonymous since the beginning of time. Okay, fine. They probably didn’t have salad back then, but you get the picture.

The idealistic notion of this dish is that it’s jam-packed with good-for-you veggies and not much else. The actual representation, though, is often far from healthy and far from what we expect from our salad.