Simple Tips to Begin your Fitness Routine

Even if it’s been years since you last shopped for school supplies or stepped foot into a classroom, back-to-school time can still make many people think about new beginnings. Joining a gym and creating a regular fitness routine are common goals this time of the year and we’re here to help you get started on the right foot.

Three Ways to Simplify your Fitness Routine

The first week of August is officially Simplify your Life Week – who knew? I must have lost the memo in the stack of papers on my dining room table. Anyway, most of us could benefit from a little “spring (summer?) cleaning” in many areas of our lives, including our fitness routine.

5 Ways to Build Healthy Summer Habits

Flipping the calendar over to May last week meant two things: spring is finally underway and summer is right around the corner. This year, don’t stress about swimsuit season as you’re sweating on the beach, build healthy habits now. Be honest – we all know it’s harder to start making healthy decisions when funnel cakes and barbecue chicken call our names.

3 Ways to Spend Less Time at the Gym

3 Ways to Spend Less Time at the Gym

If you’ve missed a workout or two lately, chances are time, or really the lack of it, had something to do with it. Many of us view going to the gym as an all or nothing process; either you have an hour to devote to it or you don’t. Let’s back up a minute though.

Why you Shouldn’t Skip a Pre-Workout Warm-Up

Pre-workout warm up, exercise warm up

Frozen pizza. A car on a winter morning. Your body before a workout. What do these three things have in common? Well, for starters, they all benefit from a good warm-up. Exercising while your muscles are tight or cold can result in less-than-optimal performance similar to a half-cooked pizza or an ice-cold steering wheel.

10 Tips to Jump Start your Fitness Routine

Tips to Jump Start your Fitness Routine

Making the decision to start exercising is often times the easiest part of the process. It can be difficult to know where to begin and how to progress your workouts in order to meet your goals.

Tip #8 to Jump Start your Fitness Routine: Get the Right Gear

Fitness Tips for Beginners

If you’ve ever mistaken the gym for a runway, I can’t imagine you’re alone. Lately it seems like getting dressed to go workout takes as much fashion sense as putting together the September issue of Vogue. While it may seem like you need futuristic shoes and an abundance of neon colored tops to be properly outfitted for the gym, that’s not true.