What does it take to be a Charter Fitness franchisee?

To operate a Charter Fitness, you need:

Liquid Capital Required


Net Worth Required


Total Investment

The total investment necessary to begin operation of a Charter Fitness facility ranges from $692,850 to $1,482,000.*

Qualities and Attributes

Who will succeed as a Charter Fitness franchisee? Individuals with experience in the health and wellness industry will have an advantage, knowing how to effectively communicate and build relationships with current and prospective members to keep them focused on their fitness goals. Those who are experienced in the franchise industry can use their knowledge and insight to build strong management teams that know how to boost membership, take advantage of upsell opportunities and drive revenue growth.

Area Development Opportunity

If you’re thinking big, one of the options that’s available to our franchisees are Area Development rights. By doing so, you’re able to diversify your investment and If you choose to sign the Area Development Agreement, you will be required to pay an initial fee equal to the Initial Franchise Fee for the first Charter Franchise location to be developed, as well as a payment equal to 50 percent of the Development Franchise Fee for each additional health club you develop.
If you decide to exercise your Area Development rights, the minimum number of locations you can develop is 3 and the maximum is 10. As a result, the Area Development Fee will range between $52,000 and $129,000. You will also be responsible for paying $11,000 for each Franchise Agreement signed to cover the remaining 50 percent of the Development Franchise fee.

What Are the Next Steps?

Connect with us to learn more about converting your existing fitness club and becoming a Charter Fitness franchisee.

Email: snichols@charterfitness.com