Opportunities – Conversions: Transform Your Club

Converting Your Independent Fitness Club is Good Business

Convert Your ClubLet’s face it: When you got into business for yourself, you weren’t dreaming of:

  • Recruiting and hiring
  • Finances and accounting
  • Business development and strategy
  • Customer service
  • Legal compliance
  • Marketing and sales
  • Supplier relationships
  • Equipment maintenance

By converting to a Charter Fitness club, you can get back to doing what you love. The name recognition and resources offered by Charter Fitness makes your business more attractive to buyers should you want to sell in the future.

What Will Charter Fitness Do for You?

Being an entrepreneur and setting out to start your own business—or even taking over the reins from a family member—takes a strong work ethic, tireless effort, passion and optimism.

We recognize that running a fitness club is fueled by your passion and desire to succeed. It’s the reason why Charter Fitness has invested endless hours and resources in making our 40 company-owned and operated stores as successful as possible.

Charter FitnessSince 2001, we’ve put in the effort and done the heavy lifting required to develop a franchise model that works. While many other fitness clubs are slimming down, Charter Fitness is dedicated to providing its members with an exceptional experience with a 16,000 to 20,000-square-foot facilities packed with a wide variety and an extensive amount of equipment. The keys to maximizing profits with our format are simple operations and efficient utilization of staff. For example, our locations are cleaned and maintained by employees rather than by an outsourced company. The savings are significant and that money goes right in your pocket. Additionally, many of the costs of converting a location can be reduced if your equipment meets our quality standards.

By converting your location to a Charter Fitness, you’ll be optimizing the space to maximize the amount of equipment available to members while never making the exercise areas feel cramped or crowded. We’ve developed a layout that gives guests working out on the cardio equipment plenty of free space, in addition to full access to TVs and other entertainment systems. Similarly, strength training sections are set up with wide open format, so members can exercise knowing they’ll likely never be competing for the same station or equipment—and never get crowded out of any area of the fitness center.

But what else do you gain by converting your fitness facility to a Charter Fitness club?

Refresh Your Concept

The less complex, the better. When you convert your fitness club into a Charter Fitness, you’re embracing simplicity. You’ve taken care of the major obstacles to becoming a business owner:

  • Site selection
  • Signing a lease
  • Developing a loyal membership base
  • Equipment costs (depending on if it meets Charter Fitness’ standards)
  • Preopening marketing expenses
  • Promotional collateral

With our business model, we give you the resources that will ensure a seamless transition to becoming a Charter Fitness franchisee:


Franchise TrainingOur collective success depends upon consistent quality and service from each franchisee, which makes training a high priority for Charter Fitness. You will attend an initial 12-day training session where you can bring up to 2 additional members of your team.

In conjunction with the opening of your facility, Charter Fitness will also provide you with up to 3 days of on-site assistance during your first 60 days in business. This will help enhance the success of that critically important early opening period, so you get your Charter Fitness franchise up and running at your location.

Enhanced Revenue Streams

When you join the Charter Fitness network, you have the strategic advantage of a highly-competitive basic membership fee—$10 per month—that appeals to a wide variety of demographics.

Members can then step up to the Signature Circle membership level,
which provides a number of value-added benefits at $19.99 per month:


This gives your staff the chance to upsell members and boost member retention rates. Annual fees also normalize revenue streams to balance the cyclical nature of membership.

At the same time, your trainers are trained and certified with an online training tool based on the principles and techniques validated by the National Association of Sports Medicine. That means they’ve received the gold standard of personal training certification and training. They go through a comprehensive training system that helps your members decrease body fat percentage, increase muscle mass and strength and elevate overall health. Personal training gives members one-on-one attention, motivation and direction, which keeps them coming back to your Charter Fitness club.

Update and Upgrade Your Systems

Billing and Collections

As a franchisee, you’ll have access to ABC Financial, a software platform that automates:

  • Membership signups
  • Billing and collections
  • Personal training scheduling and billing

It also helps deliver data-driven insights into your Charter Fitness location’s performance on a day-to-day basis. You can use the information from daily, weekly and monthly reports to get a firm grasp on revenue, retention, new memberships, upsells and how each of these variables influences your bottom line. ABC Financial also delivers a collection rate of 93.4 percent, making certain your cash flow remains streamlined and strong.

Marketing Support

We have developed a variety of advertising materials and sales aids specifically designed to promote your franchise location. You will be able to leverage from the existing advertising and promotional materials so you don’t have to reinvent the wheel. We will also provide ongoing assistance with marketing programs that can be used in your local area.

What Are the Next Steps?

Connect with us to learn more about converting your existing fitness club and becoming a Charter Fitness franchisee.

Email: snichols@charterfitness.com