Get Started

Are you ready to capitalize on a rock-solid business model? Becoming part of the Charter Fitness network is an investment in a proven brand and an industry positioned for sustained success. The experienced team at Charter Fitness will help you navigate the next steps you’ll take to get started as a franchisee.

Franchise Steps

Step 1

Email Scott
Within 24 hours of your initial contact, we’ll reach out to schedule the next steps

Step 2

Complete an application
Review the Charter Fitness FDD
We’ll conduct credit and background checks to make sure you qualify

Step 3

In-person meeting with the Charter Fitness franchise team
Do your due diligence
Choose your market and create a business plan

Step 4

Meet with Charter Fitness to present your business plan for approval
Our franchise management team will review your plan
Recieve franchise approval

Step 5

Sign your franchise agreement
Attend our comprehensive training
Choose a site and submit it for approval

Step 6

Finalize financing for your franchise
Secure your lease
Start construction on your Charter Fitness club

Step 7

Hire and train your staff
Open your Charter Fitness location

Want to know more?

Connect with us to learn more about converting your existing fitness club and becoming a Charter Fitness franchisee.