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    Healthy is winning! Whether you’re looking to lose weight, train for an upcoming event or simply maintain a healthy lifestyle, we can help.

    Charter Fitness prides itself on being different from the typical expensive and intimidating gym center; we offer a comfortable workout environment, state of the art equipment, and total convenience – for less!

    Why choose a Charter Fitness gym center?
    We have all the tools you need to discover a healthier you.

    • Gym memberships as low as $10 a month
    • Access to over 45 club locations
    • State of the art equipment
    • Month-to-Month Memberships available
    • Close to home
    • Friendly, knowledgeable staff
    • Personal training programs tailored to members’ needs
    • Free 5 day trial membership
    • One-on-one equipment demonstrations
    • Free Guest Privileges
  • Franchise: Own a Charter Fitness!